Michael Damian is Excited About “Flicka 2” on DVD

by Edwin L. Carpenter – Editor, The Dove Foundation

Michael Damian

The most recent Flicka movie released in 2006 was the film directed by Michael Mayer, based on a screenplay written by Mark Rosenthal and Lawrence Konner. Flicka 2, the sequel, directed by Michael Damian is a straight-to-DVD release from Twentieth Century Fox, based on a story written by Jennifer Robinson.

Damian is known as an actor as well as a director, having starred in The Young and the Restless and in the title role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Horse stories are no strangers to Michael, since he directed the successful Moondance Alexander in 2007, which also featured another special horse.

Flicka 2

I spoke with Michael Damian the day of the DVD release of Flicka 2 and the amiable actor/director said, “We’re really excited about [Flicka 2] and I’m hopeful that the movie introduced this spectacular adventure to new viewers in the days ahead.”  He hopes too that family members and word of mouth will help spread the news about this strong family-friendly film.

I asked Mr. Damian how he became involved in directing this film. “It was because of our last family film, Moondance Alexander. When Fox released Moondance they came to us and said, ‘We’re doing Flicka 2, from the beloved books and movies and TV series.’ It’s an iconic figure and I was very excited. So when Fox asked if we wanted to do it we said ‘Yeah, absolutely! It would be a thrill.’”

The setting of the story is in Wyoming and I asked if they did location shooting there.

“No, we actually shot in Vancouver and in Kamloops, Canada with majestic terrain. In fact we were able to shoot on a hundred thousand acre Indian Reservation where no one’s ever filmed before. It was on this gorgeous landscape. We could just shoot in any direction and it was the most beautiful scenery. It was a wonderful location to make this movie.”

I asked about the casting of the film and how he found Tammin Sursok [Acquamarine, Rules of Engagement], in the pivotal role of Carrie.

“Casting is so important and we really had a wonderful cast.  You just find the person who is best for the role and Tammin was talented and did a great job. So was Patrick Warburton [Seinfeld, Family Guy, Rules of Engagement] as her father, Hank. This is a great story about a girl who has not seen her father since she was a baby and they have to make an adjustment as she has lost her mother in an accident and then her grandmother to Alzheimer’s. It carries an emotional impact and the cast did a wonderful job.”

I asked Mr. Damian if working with horses previously in Moondance Alexander helped him.

“The experience of working with horses was helpful, but this movie had a lot more horses to work with than Moondance.”

I asked about other rewarding aspects of making the film and he mentioned that people whose lives had been touched by Alzheimer’s made positive comments to him about the story. He has attended several DVD premieres in the last few days and he was part of a big premiere in Canada, which included signing DVDs for fans. He reported tha the feedback has been very positive.

“People should know that the DVD is available at Walmart and Sam’s Club” he said. Both are major DVD distribution sponsors. Flicka 2 can also be rented from various outlets.

In closing, Mr. Damian said that he and his wife had written a family Christmas story together and that would be their next joint project.

Flicka 2 received four Doves from The Dove Foundation and we strongly recommend families to support this wonderful film. Here is a link to our review: