Light the Way: The Bible Game – Play it Now on Facebook

Light The Way - The Bible GameYou now can play a very visual game by Lightside Games based on the History Channel’s The Bible Miniseries. Light the Way: The Bible Game is connected with Facebook and you can launch the game from there. The game has great visuals including images of Jesus, Abraham and Daniel, to name a few. You are greeted with a video which features producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Downey plays Mary in the series.

When I began the game I had to identify and click on six objects found in a photo: a daisy, a deer, a sunflower, a bee, an owl, and a nest. There is also a small “hint” button which can help you find a missing object you just can’t seem to find. Your score is based on the time it takes you to find the objects in addition to accuracy. One of the neat things I really liked is that you can replay each level of the game and increase your score the second time around.

Dove In another level of the game a wheelbarrow, owl, fox, nest, grapes and a pink flower were objects to find. I was pleased and knew I was doing well when the word “Excellent” appeared on screen.

Another feature was called “Loading God’s Promise” which featured promises from the Bible and Biblical stories such as the story of Abraham being told and you can navigate the story by hitting on the arrow pointing right.

You can also click too much, in error, and a warning to that effect will show up on screen which simply states, “Too Much Clicking”. Teachers, parents and children are just a few of the groups which will enjoy this terrific game. Each level builds a bit on the previous one and you can replay the levels and they add additional items to select so it does not become boring by any means.

We highly recommend this game and are pleased to award it our Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for All Ages. It features Bible stories, great visuals, is interactive, and you can educated yourself while having fun. It also has a fan page. Give it a try soon!

The Bible Game

Editor’s Note: While Dove awarded The Bible Miniseries our Dove “Faith-Based” Seal with a Caution for violence, this game’s images are absolutely family friendly and appropriate for all ages.