Hollywood Uplink – February 2008: What does it Profit a Filmmaker?

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February 2008

        Issue: 17:2

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What does it Profit a Filmmaker?
by Dick Rolfe, CEO – The Dove Foundation®

“Whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute; if there is any excellence and anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.”

It looks like the three month-old writers’ strike will be settled in time for the Eightieth Annual Academy Awards to go into full swing on Sunday, February 24th. The entire world will be watching and judging for itself what values are held in high esteem by the American pop culture elite. This is especially true if, as many in Hollywood claim, movies reflect society.

This annual extravaganza has evolved into two separate events; each with its own prizes. The first event begins on the red carpet.  Everyone’s attention is focused on the beauty pageant of tall and tan, bold and beautiful celebrities. An endless parade of the famous and not-so-famous flash their wears to cameras and screaming fans, stopping every few seconds to strike a pose for the paparazzi. Professional handlers grab their charges and pull them into interviews with TV commentators and fashion pundits.

Worldwide television audiences wait with baited breath while the celebs answer such penetrating questions as, “who are you wearing?” or, “how did you manage to get into that dress?” Thus begins the judging of “Best dressed” and “Worst dressed” categories. The ubiquitous paparazzi, dressed in their high fashion torn t-shirts and dirty blue jeans flash their cameras, pushing and shouting while vying for their “money” shots.

Immediately following the fashion parade is the “really big shew.” This is where the little bald guys are passed out in recognition of every accomplishment from Best Picture to Best Achievement in Sound Editing.

Rewarding people who excel in their craft is a good thing. The criteria used by voting members to determine the winners are more difficult to pin down.  One director told me its more about honoring excellence and creativity in filmmaking than it is about choosing the most popular movies. That said; it’s understandable why Oscars are given to movies that push the envelope instead of those that push the profit margin.

We can dismiss the notion that Academy members have the movie-going public in mind when they dole out their honors. There is one exception. All of the nominees and winners hope that the recognition they receive will increase their marketability and translate into more money for the movies and for the principals involved.

The Dove Foundation advocates on behalf of millions of people whose tastes are quite different from the Hollywood insiders that choose the Oscar winners. American families love movies.  They are just as interested as anyone else in being stimulated and entertained by a variety of movie genres.  The people we represent love to laugh at a comedy, cry during a drama, get excited by a good action/adventure story, and become intrigued by a spellbinding mystery.  They ask only that the content is not overtly graphic or gratuitous in nature.

During 2007, The Dove Foundation awarded its familiar blue and white Family-Approved Seal to 58 feature films.  We felt that it was important to honor the “Best of the Best” family friendly films for the year. The Crystal Dove Seal will be presented on February 20th to the top films of 2007 in the following categories; Comedy, Drama, Action/Adventure, Animated Feature, Documentary and Limited Theatrical Release.

Keep watching for the announcement of the Crystal Dove Seal winners! And keep watching family friendly movies! Hollywood is getting the message. 

The Dove Foundation® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.  We are supported primarily by donations from families such as yours who want to move Hollywood in a more family-friendly direction.  All donations are tax deductible.
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