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Fitstix Fusion

January 4, 2011
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Health-minded people will love this wonderful work-out with the use the JoyFitstix. It will give you a workout from head to toe to a variety of music. It is a fun exercise program that anyone can use with the help of fitness trainer Karen Joy Allen and friends. We award this DVD the Dove [...]

faithful workouts

December 1, 2010
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
This is an awesome trilogy, a set of three DVDs which fully cover being spiritually and physically healthy. Michelle Spadafora is the host and she has an encouraging smile as well as words of hope to offer as she leads the viewer in aerobic exercises, weight training, and other exercises and all [...]

Mark Gungor: Teen Edition – Sex Dating and Relating (4 Disc set)

January 12, 2009
Dove "Faith-Based" Some Content May Be Objectionable
Mark Gungor has counseled many married couples with his "Laugh your Way to a Better Marriage" DVD set. Now here is a hard hitting set geared towards the teen group. In this collection of a 4 disc set he starts by telling of the relationship differences between male and female brains. He then goes [...]

Storytelling: Tips, Techniques and Tools

June 1, 2010
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Mary Jo Huff is a fantastic story teller. In this DVD she explains and shows how she relates the stories to others. Mary Jo tells how she finds her props, finds stories to tell, and demonstrates her magical way with words as she tells a story. This is a wonderful education tool for anyone [...]

A Fun Workout for Kids with Karen Joy Allen

September 1, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
In this day and age it is important to get children up and moving. Many are spending too much time being inactive. So here is a great way to get them moving in a healthy and fun way. These work-outs are geared toward children and will guide them into action to a better and healthier body. Have fun [...]

Cardio and Care Dance Blast with Karen Joy Allen

October 1, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Join Karen and her friends as they lead you to a healthier life through a cardio workout with wonderful music. This music will help you move to the beat as you participate in the active movements that will help tone and sculpture your body in this fitness program. With different levels and the [...]

Cardio Praise with Karen Joy Allen

September 1, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Here's a cardio work-out that will give you energy and encourage your spiritual inner-self. Along with the instructional exercises and toning, you will enjoy the music and scriptures that will inspire you. Everyone will have fun while they work out to this lovely DVD for a healthier you, inside and [...]

Pure Pump: Tonya Larson

August 1, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
In a health awareness world, we need to think of our mental and spiritual well being along with the physical body. This DVD gives you a spiritual warm-up with Bible verses along with the many weight exercises that will help with a work-out program. All will enjoy this self-help routine in a [...]

Step Pump: Tonya Larson

July 1, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
This is a wonderful workout with Tonya Larsen, as she helps you tone and slim down your body. Tonya not only helps with the physical workout but has a spiritual warm-up with some Bible verses that will aid in the emotional and mental state of your well being. Here is an enjoyable way to get into a [...]

Message to Myself: Overcoming a Distorted Self-image

June 1, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
Children and adults alike have problems with self image and self esteem. This book tackles those questions about one's image and how it got out of control, then gives informative ways to put one's life in a more positive self image. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to self esteem [...]