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I Am Potential

July 9, 2015
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For All Ages
"I Am Potential" is an inspiring, powerful, and heart-touching movie! It is based on the true story of Patrick Henry Hughes, who was born without eyes and the use of his legs. This inspiring movie makes it crystal clear: there is a purpose for all things and God definitely can bring good out of [...]

Woman in Gold

April 10, 2015
Not Recommended for Families
"Woman in Gold" is a timeless movie that weaves the present with events that took place in Vienna during World War ll and the Holocaust. Helen Mirren gives a powerful performance as Maria Altmann; the picture is based on the true story of this strong-willed woman who fought for the return of family [...]

The Sparrows Nesting

April 20, 2015
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For Ages 12 and Over
"The Sparrows Nesting" clearly shows that keeping hope alive makes life worthwhile. The movie features solid acting, a touching story, and a strong ending. Christopher Atkins plays Mike Sparrow, a dedicated and hard-working father. His wife, Anna (Terri Minton), has a big heart and volunteers at a [...]

The Longest Ride

April 10, 2015
Not Recommended for Families
"The Longest Ride" features some good storytelling, written by Craig Bolotin and based on the novel by prolific romance writer Nicholas Sparks. The story opens with an audience-grabbing scene in which Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood) is injured while riding a bull. It takes a while for him to heal and [...]


July 14, 2015
Dove "Faith-Based" Some Content May Be Objectionable
There are some shameful times in American history that cannot be changed, and slavery is one of them. This film is about freedom and the faith that God will help the persecuted slaves get to place where they will be free. It is about how faith saved them, encouraged them, and also about one man's [...]

Love Finds You in Charm

Dove "Faith-Friendly" For All Ages
Emma Miller reads about the outside world that is so different from the Amish world she has grown up in. She has many doubts about her life and the future. Her father sees the difficult time she is having, so when her cousin needs help in Charm, Ohio, she leaves her family in Indiana to help. While [...]

The Gunman

March 20, 2015
Not Recommended for Families
Effective January 1st, 2009, The Dove Foundation Review Team has ceased reviewing all NC-17 rated movies and certain extraordinarily explicit R and PG-13 rated films. This decision was reached due to the fact that Dove reviewers are parents or grandparents with conservative values. As such, we [...]

Hope Bridge

May 26, 2015
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For Ages 12 and Over
"Hope Bridge" clearly shows that things in life can change, and change for the better. The bridge is the place where Jackson's father jumped to his death, but it becomes a place of healing by movie's end. Jackson and a fellow high school student collide near a school locker, causing books to crash [...]

1500 Steps

July 6, 2015
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For Ages 12 and Over
"1500 Steps" is a film that inspires! It shows that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and if one stumbles during the race it is important to remember that finishing well is the key to ultimate triumph. Hebrews 12:1 is mentioned and its idea of running the race with endurance. The story takes place [...]

The Gift of the Magi

Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
This is a classic story originally written by O. Henry, the well-known author, that brings to life a tale of true love. The married couple Jim and Della make sacrifices so that each can buy the other a Christmas present, but what the sacrifices and their gifts to each other mean is the real [...]