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A Walk Among the Tombstones

September 19, 2014
Not Recommended for Families
Effective January 1st, 2009, The Dove Foundation Review Team has ceased reviewing all NC-17 rated movies and certain extraordinarily explicit R-rated films. This decision was reached due to the fact that Dove reviewers are parents or grandparents with conservative values. As such, we feel that we [...]

An Evergreen Christmas

November 4, 2014
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
Eve lives in LA and works for a celebrity singer, but everyone back in her small Tennessee hometown thinks she is living her dream. Now she has to return home unexpectedly due to a death in the family. What she finds there about herself is surprising, plus she needs to keep the Christmas tree farm [...]

A Horse Called Bear

Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"A Horse Called Bear" is a heartwarming story about forgiveness and applying the Golden Rule: "love others like you would have others love you." Ethan has lost his mother and blames himself because they had an argument that day before the accident. He travels to Michigan from Seattle to his [...]

When Calls the Heart: Second Chances

August 26, 2014
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
"When Calls the Heart: Second Chances" features two episodes of the enormously popular Hallmark Channel program. Episode seven is titled "Second Chances" and episode eight is titled "Perils of the Soloists." In "Second Chances," Elizabeth attempts to teach her student Bo to read. Bo has struggled [...]

Ms Bear

December 9, 1997
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
When a family moves from California to northwest Canada, it is not easy for anyone in their new surroundings. Greg, his wife, and two daughters, Melissa and Emily, now have a home in the forest where nature can be viewed first hand. Everyone is doing okay except Emily; she hates her school and [...]

God Where Are You?

Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
"God Where Are You?" is a powerful film, boldly dealing with the themes of suffering and loss. The plot centers on Remo "Sonny" Boone (Wade Williams), a fighter who loses everything after his opponent dies in the ring and his boxing license is suspended by the Florida Boxing Commission. Following [...]

Another Chance

December 21, 2013
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For Ages 12 and Over
Take a chance and watch "Another Chance!" You will be glad you did. This is a terrific movie, with solid acting and a remarkable story. Peter Martin (Jon Hoffman) is trying to win re-election as mayor, but along the way ignores his wife and daughters and fires his secretary, Alex, several times. He [...]

Of Sentimental Value (The Movie)

Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
"Of Sentimental Value" does a super job demonstrating the worth of every individual who lives on this planet. The film is unique in that it opens with actors in the movie sharing painful moments of their past, including abuse and health issues, and how they moved forward to find their "worth" as [...]

Fragile World

Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
This movie does an incredible job of offering hope for those crushed in spirit! It reveals the mental anguish that real life can cause, but it offers promise of a brighter tomorrow for the troubled soul. The cast is superb in this film that centers on the character of Rosalie (Alexa Jansson). She [...]

Coffee Shop

Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Donavan is searching for love, or what she expects love to be. She has studied the things she thinks are important in a relationship after her last one dissolved because of differences in goals and location. But that is not her only problem. Officials are about to foreclose on her namesake coffee [...]