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The Children’s War

June 22, 2012
Dove "Faith-Based" Some Content May Be Objectionable
"The Children's War" is an eye-opening and compelling film about the atrocities against the people of Northern Uganda. The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by an evil man named Joseph Kony, beats and wounds teens, such as 17-year-old Tito. Kony was arrested for 33 counts of war crimes and crimes [...]

Imagine It!

October 25, 2011
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Imagine It!" is an imaginative film about imagination -- Imagine that! Featuring host Iliza Shlesinger, winner of NBC's "Last Comic Standing" contest, the documentary focuses on teachers, engineers, teens, and a variety of people with diverse backgrounds as they look at the importance of using [...]

Eye of the Future

September 13, 2011
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Eye of the Future" is a film about hope -- the hope, in this case, being the future of our planet Earth. Five children from diverse backgrounds meet to imagine sustaining and maintaining the planet. The discussion ranges from Global Climate and PPM rates, to solar panels, the collection of rain [...]


September 28, 2010
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
"BlueGreen" is a great film for water lovers! This documentary examines the human connection to the water through the eyes of several real-life surfers. The film follows their struggles and triumphs over and in the water. One section that goes on for a long while shows people surfing without [...]

Growing Older Gracefully

August 18, 1998
Dove "Faith-Friendly" For Ages 12 and Over
"Growing Older Gracefully" is a witty and wonderful documentary, featuring octogenarian but young-at-heart Fred Smith. Fred is young in his thinking, too. Fred says he was on Earth by the end of World War l, but when a man refers to Fred as an old man, he resents it, saying, "I'm getting older, but [...]

Enchanted Kingdom

August 10, 2015
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Travel to Africa, with this fabulous documentary, to the rainforest and volcanoes, the rivers and mountains, deserts and the seas. You will be astounded by the scenery and animals that live there. Just as the ocean is restless, so are the sands in the desert. Be entertained by the gorillas and [...]

Walter: Lessons from the World’s Oldest People

April 8, 2014
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
Living to be older than 110 years of age is amazing. Join Hunter as he visits the two oldest persons in the "Guinness Book of Records": Walter, the oldest man, and Bessie, the oldest woman. Walter and Bessie talk about the changes that have happened in the world over their lifetimes, from [...]

Blue Vinyl

March 29, 2005
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
When Judith's parents decide to put vinyl siding on their house, Judith starts an investigation into the industry that makes the material. Her deep look at this product leads her to many places in the U.S., including Louisiana and California, plus a trip to Venice, Italy. Judith has many [...]

Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio with the Red Shoes

July 7, 2009
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio with the Red Shoes" is a fascinating look at the man, the writer and the legend behind "A Prairie Home Companion" and Lake Wobegon. This wonderful documentary shows Garrison creating his radio program and hanging out at a rhubarb farm in Minnesota, while [...]


April 16, 2013
Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over
The United States Forest Service is dedicated to protecting and preserving our national parks to ensure they remain intact for the enjoyment of current and future generations. But who decides how people should enjoy these forests? For years, mountain bicycle enthusiasts have pursued their passion, [...]