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June 15, 2018
In a time where it would seem fiction is more desirable than the truth, Tag inherently makes the case for the other way around. To describe in a way that I believe is spoiler-free, the film rolls credits showing actual footage of a group of friends variously sneaking up on each other and gently [...]

Action Point

June 1, 2018
Action Point is a humor-filled film definitely not to be taken seriously! The physical comedy moments and gags are plentiful in this movie which includes a porcupine in a petting zoo, a pool ball which is shot with a stick and launched into a character's forehead as its target, and a machine that [...]

Christmas Wander

December 8, 2017

Dove Approved for All Ages

Amelia “Amy” Pittman is a bitter, angry, washed-up rock ‘n rolling bar owner in severe financial distress. On the brink of losing her beloved business, Amy’s life is only made more complicated by a phone call from her father’s retirement home. Her father, who had been unexplainably absent [...]

Book Club

May 18, 2018
As I consider the book club I am about to join for the summer, I am certain we will not be reading 50 Shades of Grey, unlike the main characters from the newly released film Book Club. The youngest of this crew are Mary Steenburgen (Carol) and Don Johnson (Arthur), both in their upper 60s; everyone [...]

Life of the Party

May 11, 2018
One of Hollywood's leading queens of comedy, Melissa McCarthy, heads back to school in Ben Falcone's Life of the Party. After receiving the shocking news that her husband of over two decades wants a divorce, Deanna (McCarthy), decides to seize the day by heading back to finish her degree in [...]


May 4, 2018
Just over ten years ago, Diablo Cody wrote (and won an Academy Award for) a quirky little independent film we all now know and love called Juno (2007). Yes, ten years of life, and with it, the writer of any film is subject to change their worldview. It began gradually in 2011 with her underrated [...]


May 4, 2018
Overboard is a rousing, energetic, funny, and at times, raunchy story, which features a nice life lesson—the things that make a person rich are not lots of money, but the times shared with others. Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez) is a vastly rich and self-absorbed snob who has never worked a day in his [...]

I Feel Pretty

April 20, 2018
This movie is so bad, It’s almost heartbreaking. Amy Schumer is a delightful actor, and Rory Scovel nearly singlehandedly saves the movie’s story. But I Feel Pretty, in it’s attempt to indict our cultural reverence for physical beauty, manages to make the whole situation worse. [...]


April 6, 2018
Blockers is a movie about young teens and their sexual urges, and their parents' desire to prevent anything sexual from happening with them during prom—at least at first. Sadly, the parents eventually decide it is up to their daughters to decide when they should have sex. Modern parenting [...]


March 9, 2018
Remember Fargo, a film about crimes out of desperation and people's insatiable stupidity to regain order? It seems as though they just don't make them like they used to—or not as often. With Fargo, the crimes are violent and heinous enough, yes, but the comedic element kept it memorable for over [...]