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Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation

August 4, 2015
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Family vacations are fun, but as most parents know, kids can sometimes be a handful on long car rides. In this film, when main characters Kate and Humphrey decide to take their pups (Stinky, Claudette and Runt) on a family road trip, the pups are the ones that act like kids, as they complain and [...]

Blinky Bill: The Movie

October 11, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Blinky's dad, Mr. Bill, is an adventurous koala. He started Green Patch, where animals could come and be safe no matter what kind they are. Blinky has some of the same kind of ideas as his dad. So, when Mr. Bill leaves to go to the Valley of White Dinosaurs, his son wants to go with him. However, [...]

The Angry Birds Movie

May 20, 2016
Not Recommended for Families
"The Angry Birds Movie" is a fast-paced film that features some humorous puns and comedic moments. For example, bird sicknesses, such as "bird flu," "chicken pox," and also the term "cardinal sin" are mentioned as something less than desirable. The angry birds, led by Red, battle against the pigs [...]

Gulliver’s Travels

Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Based on Jonathan Swift's immortal tale, "Gulliver's Travels" retells the adventures of a captain of a ship who gets lost during a storm, only to wash up on an island of people who are much smaller then he is. This animated movie has captivated many generations. When the small kingdom of Lilliput [...]

Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon

August 26, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon" is an animated marvel. It features terrific animation, excellent voice actors, plenty of interesting sets and planets, and a lot of scope for the imagination. Your entire family will enjoy this space adventure, which features delightful characters, such as Belka, [...]

Ratchet and Clank

April 29, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Ratchet and Clank" is an animated movie based on a popular video game about Ratchet, who wants to become a Space Ranger but does not have the necessary qualifications. Totally by accident, he finds a rejected army robot, whom he calls Crank, and they team up to save the other Space Rangers from [...]

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

August 9, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Monkey King: Hero is Back" is a story about the Chinese legend of the great sage, the Monkey King. He had great powers. However, when he fought with the other gods, he lost his power when he was imprisoned because he wanted to rule over the other heavenly kings. When a young boy accidentally [...]

Izzie’s Way Home

May 17, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
This animated tale tells the story of Izzie (whom her father calls Lizbeth), a little fish that has hatched and is bullied by all the other fish in the aquarium. Her father Harold tries to protect her so the human will not take her out of the tank and returned to the ocean, which is what happened [...]


February 19, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
Over winter break, children sometimes get bored. In this charming story, a group of friends decide to have a snowball fight for the fort that has been built. When Sophie, the new girl in town and the leader of the group on the fort, and Luke, the general of the other team, try to capture the fort, [...]


March 4, 2016
Dove "Family-Approved" For All Ages
"Zootopia" is a delightful family film. It has everything that makes a good movie: great characters, a wonderful theme of going for your dream, and humor with a capital "H"! A rookie bunny cop named Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) is determined to succeed as an officer, despite those who [...]