Erica Gluck sets her sights high

by Edwin L. Carpenter, Editor, The Dove Foundation

Erica GluckYou have to admire young Erica Gluck’s enthusiasm. It is a trait which she shares with her latest character, the role of twelve-year old Trinity Goodheart. Trinity Goodheart also happens to be the title of her new movie, which will have a limited theatrical release and premiere on GMC TV on August 20, 2011.

In a recent phone interview with the talented actress, her fire and zeal were strongly evident.

Dove: Tell us about your background, Erica, and how you became involved in Trinity Goodheart.

Erica: “I used to be Brittany Pitts on The Game (TV series, 2006-2009). A lot of people know me from that. I played in American Son (the part of “Tricia”) with Nick Cannon. I was in the movie Mirrors (as “Daisy Carson”) with Kiefer Sutherland and Paula Patton. My manager sent the Trinity Goodheart script to my father, and I fell in love with the character so I went on the audition. I ended up getting the role and, it’s history from there!”

Dove: What was it like working with the cast?

Erica: “It was amazing. I mean they’re all so inspiring. For me to be a young actress and still working on my craft and to be around James Hong, who has been in a countless number of films…I think he said, like, over 450, it’s crazy! Eric Benet was such a pleasure to work with too. He’s such a nice person and really brought a good vibe on set.”

Dove: Did you have any challenges as an actress in making the movie?

Erica: Trinity Goodheart is a really emotional movie, and there are a lot of emotional scenes. When we were on set it was kind of hard to be able to pull out those emotions and portray it like it was actually a reality. Everyone was great on set, the crew and the cast were amazing. The director, Joanne Hock, was incredible. And, we pulled it off.”

Dove: Erica, what kind of comments are you receiving about the movie?

Erica: “Oh, my gosh, everybody loves the film so much. At the premiere, which was at Miami, The American Black Film Festival, they showed it; you could hear everybody in the theater, they were crying. And it was kind of funny because it’s such a touching film, and my father, he’s such a big guy, and I hear him, and he’s whimpering right next to me. It’s really emotional but it’s funny and it has a good message and everybody loves it. The film just carries such a great message and it’s to appreciate family and your life because you only have one of each. And Trinity is…we’re both similar in a lot of ways because when we have ideas we want to turn them into realities, and that’s exactly what she does in the film. She’s really outgoing, she’s really smart, she’s not like any other person in the world, that’s what’s really special and that’s what I love about her.”

Dove: That’s pretty amazing, Erica, to have touched people’s lives by making this film.

Erica: “Definitely, as an actress and being an entertainer, that’s pretty much what I live for and I’m just so happy to know that my job is being carried out, you know?”

Dove: Erica, that leads to a good question: future projects. What are you going to be working on?

Erica: “I am currently in the recording studio, preparing for my album. I want to do more films. My goal now is to win Oscars and Grammys and I want to be the next Natalie Portman.” (When Erica says this it is obvious she simply has a confidence in her abilities and believes that anything is possible. Her enthusiasm makes you believe it will indeed happen one day).

Dove: How long have you been acting, Erica?

Erica: “Since I was four. I actually got my first national Target ad at the age of four and that started my career.”

Dove: Can you name one or two of your favorite scenes in Trinity Goodheart?

Erica: “Yes, the scene with Maxine Goodheart, my grandmother, when we’re walking down the street and Trinity started to get really emotional about the homeless people-that’s my favorite. There are so many because we had so many laughs on the set, working with James Hong was really fun. When we were on set he forgot that my name was Trinity and he kept calling me Tiffany, so it was really funny.”

Dove: The character (Trinity) is twelve in the film, is that actually your age as well?

Erica: “I’m actually now thirteen but when I was making the film and when the film had its premiere I was twelve.”

In closing Erica mentioned she hopes to release her album within a year but she wants to make sure she has it down pat. Erica’s enthusiasm and talent and confidence promise a career which will shine, and, who knows? She just might win that Oscar some day!

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