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Going Places: How A West Michigan Family Navigates Hollywood

Jolie Ledford is, in many ways, a typical Midwestern preteen girl, right down to the sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks. In fact she reminds me a lot of my own preteen girl. As she sits across from me and we chat, she smiles almost constantly. She’s goofy without being entirely self-conscious. Loves horses, despite […]

Interview with David Oyelowo star of CAPTIVE

Dove: How did you get your start in acting? David: “To be honest, at the age of 15, I had a huge crush on my pastor’s daughter. One day she asked me if I’d like to be part of the church theater group. I eagerly agreed, and leaned later that she invited me because the […]

Timothy Mahoney, Writer/Producer/Director of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus”

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus is an award-winning documentary by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney that chronicles an in-depth archaeological investigation in Egypt as his team attempts to corroborate the biblical text. The film explores one fundamental question: Is there evidence that the Exodus story actually happened? Dove: Tim, tell us about your journey to make ‘Patterns of […]

Curtis Riskey, President, Christian Booksellers Association

Dove: Christian Retail has faced a number of recent challenges, especially concerning the transition from physical goods to digital media. Where do you see the replacement of declining revenue to retailers coming from in the future? Curtis: A lot of people think the world is going digital. In fact, I have data that show otherwise. […]

Writer/ Director Chris Dowling and Actor David DeSanctis speak with The Dove Foundation about “Where Hope Grows”,

by Edwin L. Carpenter, Senior Film Reviewer – The Dove Foundation Where Hope Grows is a faith-based film opening May 15, and it features strong directing from Writer/Director Chris Dowling, as well as a powerful performance from David DeSanctis, who plays a character with Down Syndrome named “Produce”, because he works in the produce section […]

Kirk Cameron Celebrates by Saving Christmas

by Edwin L. Carpenter, Senior Film Reviewer Kirk Cameron, the well-known actor who first became famous years ago on the TV comedy series, Growing Pains, and has gone on to make big-time Christian films such as Fireproof  and Unstoppable, recently spoke with us about his latest release, Saving Christmas. It is scheduled to open November […]