Be Entertained!


Dove Spotlight is a high-energy weekly television entertainment show and online video program that will shed a fun and refreshing light on the latest movies arriving in our theaters, on DVDs and through online streaming channels.


Co-hosts Thor Ramsey and Laura Jones team up to escort us through the new studio releases; digging around behind the scenes, interviewing the hottest celebrities and bringing the joy of entertainment to life, with an honest-to-goodness family twist.  


Thor and Laura both understand the need to make informed choices for their childrenís entertainment.  As parents themselves, they are passionate about making movie choices that are of high quality and integrity, and loads of fun for their families!


The trusted name of The Dove Foundation provides the basis for all movie and DVD reviews, while Thor and Laura add their professional expertise and creative input to a program that will surely become the must-see family entertainment show of the week.


Dove knows families want to be entertained in a relaxed and friendly, wholesome style, and thatís what Dove Spotlight delivers. With foot-loose antics, comedian Thor Ramsey will bring surprising humor, people-on-the-street interviews, celebrity drop-ins, and on-set bloopers. To add her own unique perspective, broadcast journalist Laura Jones brings the down-to-earth voice of Mom; with the flair of a woman who knows todayís style and culture. This dynamic partnership sets the tone for a lively and informative look at the best entertainment for our families in a fast-moving society.


Dove Spotlight will also include a segment to review and characterize the newest video games. From his game cave, Derek Emerson, a 24 year-old expert gamer will review the latest releases and demonstrate the Game of the Week, its cultural relevance, family-friendliness and even some scoop on the hottest news and competitions.


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