director: John Stockwell


December 1, 2006
If you think you can enjoy a nice vacation with your friends, your worldview is too optimistic. At least that’s what a group of young, beautiful people in “Turistas” discovers while trying to have a good time in Brazil. I must say that this film was a lot more original than some of the [...]

Into the Blue

September 30, 2005
Sunken treasure is going to be a theme this year. Unfortunately, this film's only purpose seems to be to show Jessica Alba in a tight bikini. With shootings, harpoonings and bloody shark attacks, there is way too much violence in this film for families to enjoy together Our recommendation is [...]

Blue Crush

August 16, 2002
Although scenes show surfing enthusiasts of all ages, including some canine surfers, the film also emphasizes the danger of the sport. Skimpy bikinis and low-cut party dresses will no doubt add to young male interest. One scene features lengthy exposure of a used condom. Matt and Anne Marie quickly [...]


June 29, 2001
THE GOOD: This is a unique teen romance in that it deals with serious themes about self-destructive behavior, racial and cultural differences, academic dreams and “first love” sexual experiences. Dunst gives an Oscar worthy performance as the anguished, indifferent senior who desperately wants [...]