director: Alexandre Aja


August 15, 2008
Ben Carson, a suspended NYPD cop, deals with the after-effects of accidentally but fatally shooting an undercover cop. This nightmare led to his suspension from work and a break-up and separation from his wife and kids. He winds up landing a night job at a department store but things don't remain [...]

The Hills Have Eyes

March 10, 2006
When a film's credits list the actors by order of appearance and the character at the top of the list is identified only as "first victim," you know you are in for a blood bath. From start to finish this movie takes its viewers on one of the most unbelievable and unimaginative adventures into the [...]

High Tension

June 10, 2005
The title for this film was appropriate at times as I found myself highly tense during some scenes. There were some sick and twisted elements, especially a scene where a man uses a girl’s decapitated head to pleasure himself sexually. The film is dubbed in English with occasional scenes [...]