GUEST EDITORIAL: God vs. the Zombies…again!


My friend Bob Beltz is a writer, speaker, film producer, theologian, and virtual monk.  The last time we were together was at Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s home in Malibu attending a launch party for The Bible Miniseries. Bob posted the following words of wisdom on his blog under Faith & Culture   Congratulations […]

HOLLYWOOD SEES THE LIGHT – Retooling Religious Epics


by Dick Rolfe It should come as no surprise that Hollywood has seen the light and rediscovered the Bible; not that they’ve become religious in the spiritual sense. The light they see is the unprecedented success of well-made, theologically sound movies like The Bible miniseries, produced by husband and wife team, Mark Burnett (The Voice, […]

What is “Family Safe” Entertainment?


By Dick Rolfe CEO My friend and Christian media guru, Phil Cooke recently wrote a blog titled “Should Creative Work by Christians be “Safe”? The responses to his proposition were nearly 100% supportive. Here’s the opening salvo Phil uses to launch the discussion. Christian media today is filled with the word “safe.” Look at the […]

Hollywood’s Disconnect with American Families

George and Steven

by Dick Rolfe, CEO As I write this article, I’m reminded of the saying, “Its Déjà vu all over again.” I have commented ad nauseam on the fact that Hollywood is not simply in the profit-making business; they are also in the “creative license” business. However, the following stories will give you hope. The entertainment […]

How to Manage New Media Before it Manages You


by Dick Rolfe, President/CEO – The Dove Foundation Media are generally divided into two categories; news and entertainment. The traditional platforms have always been radio, television, newspapers, DVDs and theaters. But now the term has been updated and replaced with “New Media.” And “new” has been updated to include “Virtual” and “Cloud.” These terms refer […]

VIOLENCE IN A CIVIL SOCIETY – Whose Fault is it Anyway?


by Dick Rolfe, CEO – The Dove Foundation Ever since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, three groups loomed into the spotlight as the blame game began; gun owners, the mentally ill, and filmmakers. It triggered a lot of finger pointing by various lobbyists protecting their own constituents from government regulation and overreach. The […]

Light the Way: The Bible Game – Play it Now on Facebook

Light the Way

You now can play a very visual game by Lightside Games based on the History Channel’s The Bible Miniseries. Light the Way: The Bible Game is connected with Facebook and you can launch the game from there. The game has great visuals including images of Jesus, Abraham and Daniel, to name a few. You are […]



The results are in! The top Dove Approved movies for 2012 were elected by thousands of people voting online. Here are the final winners in each category: BEST ACTION – The Avengers, Paramount Pictures BEST ADVENTURE – Life of Pi, Twentieth Century Fox BEST ANIMATION – Brave, Walt Disney Pictures BEST COMEDY – Joyful Noise, […]

Vote for the Best Dove Seal Award Winning Movies of 2012


Dear friends, If you read my January article, you’ll be expecting this announcement.  The online polls are now open for you to select the Best Dove Seal Award Winning Movies of 2012.    The winners in each of 7 categories ACTION, ADVENTURE, ANIMATED, COMEDY, DOCUMENTARY, DRAMA, and LIMITED RELEASE will receive the coveted Crystal Dove Seal Award. […]