Bible-based Movies: an Evolution!

by Dick Rolfe (Movies containing Dove reviews are linked below) Son of God movie opened on February 28th as the second highest grossing film of the weekend. The complete story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ had a spectacular opening weekend! It appeared on 3260 movie screens and grossed $26.5 million at […]

6th Annual Crystal Dove Seal Awards


Vote for your favorite Dove approved movies of 2013 Hollywood has scores of awards shows celebrating the “best of” in so many categories, one wonders if the awards mean as much as they used to. It’s certainly an honor having your name or project accompanied by “Academy-award-winning” It means real dollars when negotiating your next […]

Ani-Mates are the cutest animals you will ever meet. . .


Ani-Mates are the cutest animals you will ever meet. They come as a teddy bear or a puppy. They are preloaded with one hour of short Bible stories and you can also download more stories to your iPhone or Android device.  Those also contain videos that you and your children can watch together as your […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: God vs. the Zombies…again!


My friend Bob Beltz is a writer, speaker, film producer, theologian, and virtual monk.  The last time we were together was at Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s home in Malibu attending a launch party for The Bible Miniseries. Bob posted the following words of wisdom on his blog under Faith & Culture   Congratulations […]

HOLLYWOOD SEES THE LIGHT – Retooling Religious Epics


by Dick Rolfe It should come as no surprise that Hollywood has seen the light and rediscovered the Bible; not that they’ve become religious in the spiritual sense. The light they see is the unprecedented success of well-made, theologically sound movies like The Bible miniseries, produced by husband and wife team, Mark Burnett (The Voice, […]

What is “Family Safe” Entertainment?


By Dick Rolfe CEO My friend and Christian media guru, Phil Cooke recently wrote a blog titled “Should Creative Work by Christians be “Safe”? The responses to his proposition were nearly 100% supportive. Here’s the opening salvo Phil uses to launch the discussion. Christian media today is filled with the word “safe.” Look at the […]

Hollywood’s Disconnect with American Families

George and Steven

by Dick Rolfe, CEO As I write this article, I’m reminded of the saying, “Its Déjà vu all over again.” I have commented ad nauseam on the fact that Hollywood is not simply in the profit-making business; they are also in the “creative license” business. However, the following stories will give you hope. The entertainment […]