Video Business: February 16, 2009 – “Dove Unveils New Initiatives”

Foundation offers more programs for retailers, consumers By Robyn McCloskey — Video Business, 2/16/2009 The Dove Foundation (, the 19-year-old Grand Rapids, Mich.-based nonprofit that reviews movies and DVDs and awards its seal to those deemed suitable for family viewing, is unveiling several new initiatives that will likely increase recognition of the Dove seal as […]

Link July 4, 2008 – “Motion Picture Association ratings guidelines often a moving target”

So, how many f-words does it take to get a PG-13 rating?

Oh, anywhere from one to three, as long as they’re not sexual in context.

This was news to one Press reader, who wrote me an indignant e-mail in which he expressed his desire to clap his hands over his son’s ears after taking him to see “Superhero Movie” in March. A brief summation of his letter: Since when do PG-13 movies featurethat word?

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LA Times: September 18, 2006 – “Studios Push to Clean Up Their Act”

A blurb in the print ad for the 20th Century Fox movie “Everyone’s Hero,” which opened Friday, gave the animated feature five stars, declaring it “A triumphant home run for families!” It’s from a critic you’ve probably never heard of. In fact it’s a critic who is not, technically speaking, a person: the Dove Foundation.

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