Dove Wins at the Box Office!


In 1991, when Dove was “born” there weren’t very many profitable family friendly movies and, with the exception of few Bible epics, virtually no faith friendly films in theaters. At that time, VHS was the prevailing technology of the day. This new concept challenged the box office with the advent of Home Entertainment. Video rental […]

2015 Crystal Dove Seal Award Winners


Roll up the red carpet and send the logo-covered backdrop curtains to the cleaners. Tear down the lighting and staging. Return the jewelry, tuxes and haute couture gowns. The parade of the Movie Award Shows has finally come to an end, and the people have spoken…or have they? With the exception of the Kids/Teens/People’s Choice […]

Welcome to the 8th Annual Crystal Dove Seal Awards


For the past quarter century, The Dove Foundation has provided up-to-date information and reviews of movies in the theater and on home entertainment. Over the years, our followers frequently asked us to identify the best Dove-approved movies. In 2008 we created the CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL AWARD to recognize the best films of the previous year. […]

Religious Films Are Increasing in Quality and Frequency


Good movies with faith messages are on the rise. At Dove, we see many while they are being developed. Sometimes we are invited to visit the sets, while on other occasions we are kept up to date at every step, reviewing scripts, rough-cuts and early screenings.  In past years, the terms “good” movies and “faith-based” […]

2015 Year in Review

Dick Rolfe, CEO - The Dove Foundation

Dear Friends, 2015 has been a banner year for The Dove Foundation! Benchmarks are sometimes difficult to measure, especially when it comes to media and the entertainment landscape. It often seems that things are getting worse instead of better. However, I’ve included some statistics, which are encouraging signs that there is a turn-around, and that […]

Why Do They Make the Movies They Do?

Dick Rolfe, CEO - The Dove Foundation

The entertainment industry is in a state of flux. Attendance is declining steadily while ticket prices are now at double digits. This dilemma is due in part to the sudden explosion of streaming movie sites that offer wide varieties of content right in our living rooms. It all means year-to-year theatrical revenues are starting to […]

The Dove Foundation: Building a Community of Caring Families


From the desk of Dick Rolfe, CEO People frequently ask how The Dove Foundation came into being. The story is a testimony of how God can multiply the efforts of a few dedicated people into a national movement. In 1990 I was invited to join a group of parents to review movies before our children […]

Americans Fear Moral Decline Over Terrorist Attack


According to a recent Wall Street Journal / NBC News Poll, Americans are more concerned about the decline in moral values than they are about possible terrorist attacks here in the U.S. In the poll taken the second week of June, Americans were queried about a series of issues prominent in the national conversation and […]

What is a movie critic….really?


by Dick Rolfe, CEO – The Dove Foundation Q: Can they forecast the weather? Q: Can they predict the stock market? Q: Can they estimate the box office success of a family film? Answer to all three: Not so much. According to, “A movie critic views movies in the way a restaurant critic views […]

2014 Crystal Dove Seal Winners – And the Trophy Goes To…

Crystal Dove Seal. small

There’s a saying, “if you repeat something often enough people will believe it, whether it’s true or not.” When I meet with studio executives and filmmakers, I keep repeating the same mantra, “Dove approved films are the most popular and therefore the most profitable.” Not because it isn’t true, but because there are those in […]