Shannon Popkin - Teenagers

Shannon Popkin is an author and speaker from Grand Rapids, who loves to blend her gifts for humor and storytelling with her passion for truth. Find Shannon’s blog at, where she shares “Tiny Paragraphs” from her life as a wife and mom. Also, look for her first book, titled Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control From 7 Women in the Bible, to be released by Kregel Publications in 2016.

Shannon is happy to be sharing life with Ken, who makes her laugh every single day. Together, they live the fast-paced life of parenting two teens and a tween. When she’s not taking pictures at a soccer, football, or water-polo game, Shannon loves to be home, opening her front door to friends and family.


The Unique Challenge of Parenting Teens in 2016

I think parents today have a unique challenge. It’s called technology. Because of the day we live in, with things changing so rapidly, we don’t have the luxury of mimicking good parenting from ten years ago. Why not? Because ten years ago, none of the apps on our kids’ phones even existed. Whenever parents from […]

Life & Death: On Screens and in Real Life

As the line zigzagged back and forth, I was greeted with pictures of a beautiful, smiling couple, obviously in love. They were surrounded in the pictures by four adorable, spunky kids. One of the pictures was taken on the beach, less than week ago. The family was barefoot, smiling, with arms and hands interwoven. But […]

Parenting Teens on Good Vs. Bad Movies

It’s an undeniable fact. Some movies are good. Others are, well, bad. I’m not talking about cinematography, plot, acting or directing. I’m a pretty cheerful critic when it comes to those elements. What I’m talking about is the movie’s merit. Is it a movie worth watching? Does it have enough redeeming qualities to give your […]

Teens + Summer + Movies= 8 Tips for Parents

It’s August. Summer is winding down. Your teens have worn you down. Back in June, you had great resolve that there would be more moving and less movies. But now you feel yourself caving. Your teens say they’re bored. They say they worked hard flipping burgers. Or they played hard flipping off the diving board. […]

When Dad says, “Sure!” and Mom says, “No way!”

When our son was in elementary school, I walked down to the basement to find him snuggled on the couch next to Daddy, watching a war movie. “What are you doing?” I asked my husband in exasperated tones, “He’ll have nightmares for weeks!” My husband disagreed. Since it was a Civil War movie, he argued […]

Managing the Many Screens of Summer

I’ve been counting down school days for a least a month—ever since my son informed me one Tuesday that his lunch account was now -$7.42, and he needed black pants and shoes for tonight’s band concert (What? You have a band concert tonight?). Maybe if I wasn’t dividing my time between band concerts and lacrosse/water […]

Parenting On the 6-Lane Crosswalk to Adulthood

When I was a kid, I always thought I was getting away with murder when I read under the covers past bedtime. But now, I wonder. Did my parents look in, see the flashlight under the covers, and sneak away with a smile? I know I would. I love to see my kids engrossed in […]