Rachel Hockett - Vlog: Entertainment Insider

Rachel Hockett is a singer and actress on a mission to inspire, encourage, and empower girls and women. She has always had a love for all things creative, and a desire to combine her love of arts, girls, and God to make a difference wherever she is. Rachel now has an impressive list of credentials ranging from singing to acting and speaking.

As a singing talent, Rachel was featured in the Disney films Cinderella (2005 DVD edition) and the Chicken Little soundtrack; several musical theatre productions; live background vocals for artists like Smokey Robinson, Wynona Judd, and David Foster; and studio session work with artists like Donna Summer, Ce Ce Winans, Nicole C. Mullen, and Natalie Grant.

She is the lead character in The Mother Goose Club, an Emmy award winning children’s series with well over 20 million viewers. She has also spoken on several tours including The Revolve Tour. Rachel’s newest venture is her web series “Simple Sparkle” that combines her love for home making and all things family along with her love of the arts and for encouraging others.

But Rachel’s favorite characters and production are her wonderful husband (married since 2003) and their two children, Olivia and Briley.


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