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Janyre Tromp is a developmental editor by day and a writer at night. She has 3 books traditionally published books – a juvenile fiction (That Sinking Feeling), and 2 board books in the All About God’s Animals series. Her passion is writing about the beauty of the world, past and present, even when it isn’t pretty. Currently she’s working on a WWII book exploring issues of forgiveness and hope, tentatively titled The Way of the Sharaw. You can check out her blog at BeautifulUglyMe.com


18 Winter Break Boredom Busters


Christmas is just a few days away and, if they aren’t already, your kids will be enjoying a school break soon. No doubt most kids are looking forward to sleeping in and the opportunity to pause in their studies. But it won’t be long until they’re looking for something to do. So here’s a handy […]

24 Days of Christmas Movies


I have a confession to make. I love Christmas. The music, lights, cookies, decorations, everyone looking out for others, and family get-togethers. I love every minute of it. Maybe that’s why I like the holiday movies so much. They combine everything I love about the season: Beautiful music, lights, decorations, and an excuse to sit […]

Thanksgiving Is Magic


I know that everyone and their sister is blogging about Thanksgiving this week. But I couldn’t resist. Being purposeful about living life and parenting my kids is something I’m passionate about. And yes, I know today isn’t Thanksgiving, but I’m betting most of you would be in a turkey-induced coma if I waited until Thursday. […]

3 Ways to Overcome School-Day Blues

3 ways to overcome school day blues

It’s a month or two into school. My kids are dragging. I am dragging. The weather is cooling down and I’m thinking wistfully back to our beach days in July. You’re with me, right? At the Tromp house, we’ve discovered sometimes laughter is the best medicine. Here are just a few kid-approved ideas on ways […]

Combating TV Culture


All you have to do is turn on the ole television to see a vast world of make believe. It’s a place where average kids become rock stars, travel around the world by themselves, live in penthouses, order unlimited online supplies, make up with friends every time, and work in cool places No doubt there […]

Why Answering “Why?” Is Important

Why answer why

I’m fairly certain that my children emerged into this world, blinked their eyes, and then, before doing anything else, asked, “Why?” Why is that bird red? Why do I have to wear shoes outside? Why can’t I have ice cream for breakfast? Why can’t I take the slugs on the bus? (That was from my […]

6 Life Lessons from “The Princess Bride”


I stumbled on my old DVD of The Princess Bride the other day. It brought back college memories of piling into beanbags and ratty couches with dorm mates to laugh about the overly dramatic scenes from the fire swamp. While The Princess Bride is not for young children, my oldest—a middle-schooler—was having a sleepover and […]

24 Books, Movies, Activity Combos for Kids 3–15


As parents, I think we all dream of lazy summer days at the beach or park. We want our kids to learn, but have fun doing it. Experts tell us that a major key to avoiding summer learning loss is getting in lots of reading. Sometimes that reading comes easily, but sometimes even the most […]