Angela Newsom - Homeschoolers

Angela Newsom is the homeschooling mom of six and the CEO of Cross and Quill Media. Cross and Quill Media was born out of Angela's frustration with spending 20 minutes scrolling through streaming video options just to find something decent on TV. And all the frustration was made even worse when looking for options to supplement her family’s homeschool studies. One day Angela decided that she needed a place to categorize all of the videos she found for History, Bible, Science, and everything else a homeschooling mom needed…this place became Cross and Quill Media. Now she spends her time finding resources for her family and yours. The only question now is, what kinds of things do you need?


Grandparents and Homeschooling

Preserving and Passing On The Legacy Of The Past Benjamin Franklin humorously highlighted the importance of older generations to children with a famous quip: “If you would have good success in life, choose with utmost care your grandparents.” It’s safe to say that most grandparents were not homeschooled themselves. So there is undoubtedly a range […]