Attention Filmmakers! Can You Use Our In-depth Analysis?

One of The Dove Foundation’s objectives is to encourage filmmakers to make more clean films that family members can enjoy watching together. Consistent with that goal, Dove offers an in-depth analysis of any movie/DVD submitted by a filmmaker. This is particularly helpful to a producer who is unsure whether the movie being submitted meets Dove’s criteria.

The Dove In-Depth Analysis goes well beyond our usual review and evaluation. It provides a detailed list of content issues that might offend various segments of the viewer population, along with recommended edits (if any). This information is valuable and improves the chances that a title will appeal to the largest possible audience.

The guidelines and recommendations offered within the In-Depth Analysis are based on The Dove Foundation’s twenty year history working with the entertainment industry, coupled with a unique understanding of the tastes of the faith and family movie-going public.

In addition to a report of content, the Dove In-Depth Analysis classifies each title within a Faith and Family Matrix. The Faith and Family Matrix gives a movie/DVD an age-appropriate ranking within three classifications: Family Approved, Faith Friendly, Faith Based.

The Dove In-Depth Analysis greatly improves the chances of a movie receiving serious consideration, since Dove’s reputation is highly regarded throughout the entertainment industry.  It is not, however, a guarantee that a movie/DVD will be selected for distribution. Many other considerations must be taken in to account such as the storyline, production values, market segment compatibility, and current marketing strategies of the distributor and retailer.