“And the CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL Goes To…”

by Dick Rolfe, CEO, The Dove Foundation

Crystal Dove Seal

The winners in each of 6 categories ADVENTURE, ANIMATED, COMEDY, DOCUMENTARY, DRAMA, and LIMITED RELEASE will receive the coveted CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL trophy. Deadline for voting is February 24, 2012.

Winners will be announced on February 29th. This is the time of year when Hollywood celebrates itself by calling attention to the work it has produced over the past 12 months. If a film looks like a contender for an award, the marketing budget comes to hundreds of thousands of dollars of hype. If you read the industry trades as I do, you’ll find it loaded with full page “vote for me” ads. These awards are important in that they give a producer/studio another chance to get “more butts in seats” if it is advertised as an “Academy-award-winner.” The same is true with everyone from producers to actors to grips. The little bald-headed golden statue in-hand adds exponentially to the recipient’s future paychecks.

More awards keep cropping up every year. Mainstays like the Critics Choice Awards and the Golden Globes represent the collective opinion of each group’s members/voters, most of whom are critics or pundits. Others like the Academy Awards (Oscars), Producers’ Guild (PGA), Writers’ Guild (WGA), and Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) Awards represent peers voting for peers. All of the voters in these categories focus on production values and not on redemptive values of a particular movie.

Crystal Dove Seal AwardThe CRYSTAL DOVE SEAL is quite different from industry insider awards. It represents the voices of those who share a common set of values. Those who vote for their favorite Dove Approved movie are joined together by their embrace of traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and standards of behavior. Dove voters are enthusiastic movie-goers who appreciate quality motion pictures that deliver meaningful messages or those that simply entertain without offending.

Major movie studio execs and independent filmmakers value the Crystal Dove Seal and the faith and family audiences it represents. This award is a tribute to you and the hundreds of thousands of Dove families who care about making wise entertainment choices. It also sends a big “thank you” to Hollywood when they release movies that reflect our core values.

Vote now and we will send you a copy of the results. You will also be included in a special drawing for some pretty nice Dove family approved DVDs