2015 Year in Review

Dear Friends,


Dick Rolfe, CEO

2015 has been a banner year for The Dove Foundation! Benchmarks are sometimes difficult to measure, especially when it comes to media and the entertainment landscape. It often seems that things are getting worse instead of better. However, I’ve included some statistics, which are encouraging signs that there is a turn-around, and that movies with traditional values are dominating the scene. For example:

  • The average Dove-approved movie is nearly 3 times more profitable than films that missed the mark.
  • Sixteen percent (16%) of all movies released in theaters in 2014, were Dove-approved, which is significantly greater than the same period the previous year. This means that films with a positive message are on the rise.
  • In addition to our reviews at www.dove.org, we are syndicating reviews to major family and faith-based websites which increases our total audience exposure to nearly 1 million online visitors a month.
  • In September 15th, we launched the DOVE CHANNEL, a streaming video service like Netflix, but with only Dove-approved movies. It’s available on the web (www.dovechannel.com), mobile apps and on Roku players and Roku TV. So far, the reception has been overwhelming with over 250,000 app downloads and 73,000 registered users.
  • Amazon just added DOVE CHANNEL as an add-on for Prime Subscribers. This adds all streaming media devices, including Smart TV’s and gaming devices. So everywhere you find Netflix, Hulu, etc., you’ll also find DOVE CHANNEL.
  • We are seeing traction in social media with over 53,000 Facebook Fans

Over the years, we have had the privilege of maintaining favored relationships with executives at seven major studios. They have used Dove’s endorsements on billboards, television spots, print ads and posters.  Some have even edited their films to meet Dove standards. (This service is performed on a confidential basis.)

Serving you gladly,
Dick Rolfe, CEO

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We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead! Doors keep opening up for us, and our credibility as a family advocate has never been higher. It is a privilege to serve you. But frankly, we can’t do it alone. It takes many friends who believe in what we are doing, and who are willing to pitch in with a charitable gift, either monthly or one time. (The Dove Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. All gifts to our ministry are tax-deductible.) Please prayerfully consider what you can do to support us as we work tirelessly to move Hollywood in a more family friendly direction. You can mail a check to The Dove Foundation 5200 SW Meadows R., Suite 150, Lake Oswego OR 97035, or make a secure online contribution at: